Music Production

We will help you to produce your music. No matter, if you want to release a complete album, an EP or a single - we will help you to produce each song. We will record your songs, arrange, optimize and finally master them, At the end, we will help you to publish your music.

Arranging your Music

You got a great song idea, but are stucked somewhere? No problem - we will help to arrange your tracks and instruments. No matter, in which style. You need an orchestral arrangement? You need help for a brass section? Just ask us for help.

Production Coordination

Somebody will be responsible for getting all the ingenious artists to create a piece of musik. Somebody? We will help you to rganize recording sessons, get the best musicians for your needs and will help to produce your music.
So, you will be able to possibly get top of the pops at ease...