Your Record Label

You need a record label which understands your needs. We are also musicians and artists, and we share the same goals and needs with you. You can always get in direct contact with us, without messing around with dozens of people.

And the price?

Fair deals. Just ask us and we will provide a fair deal for you. We will publish your music and if you need more help, we can do more for you and your success.

Musicians like you.

We are musicians and artists like you. We understand your needs and your goals. For example, DÄUMLING released their album "Seven League Boots" with us. For more information, just take a look at

Labelcode_rockinbear_exaktThis is our label code: LC-51594. In Germany, you need a label code to publish music for sale or to radio stations. You will be able to use the label code for your music at no extra charge.