January 07, 2016 – Däumling will release their first album on March 18, 2016. Following the fairy-tale Hop o’ My Thumb (in German: “Däumling”), the band will call their album „Seven League Boots“. In addition to singer Steffi Messner and her voice inspired by classical music, the album will feature Trance, Electronic and Motown music as well as several ballads.

With the sale of their album and the download of the single tracks, Däumling will support “Wings for Life”, a foundation that funds research in finding a cure for spinal cord injury. The video for the first single release named “Wings” will relate to the work of the foundation.

Olav Däumling, head of the band, says: “Prior to the release of the album, we will have the start of pre-sales and three single releases. As it seems, the time until March 18th will not be boring. We are looking forward to it, and we are happy to support Wings for Life and their important work.”